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Transport Technology and Control for
Exclusive Vehicle Transport

Our Philosophy

The basis of our work consists of reliable and robust vehicle technology.


​In this regard, we use trailer and vehicle bodies from Moetefindt.


After millions of kilometers, we can say with certainty that we have the necessary load reserves at our disposal, necessary in serious situations.


This applies to braking maneuvers, as well as factors relating to the stability of load securing elements.​


Continue reading for further information on how we conduct business operations at Fropex.

Vehicle Safety

Our vehicles receive maintenance every 3 months by specialist workshops, and checked annually by recognized TÜV institutes. Transport safety with regard to the vehicles used, is our top priority.

We attach particular importance to the sustained inspection of vehicles, and not just the distribution of TÜV-stickers.


Maintenance of the Basic Structures

The basic structures of the superstructure are checked for cracks and the braking systems are measured for their functionality. ​


We rely exclusively on tried and tested partners with whom we are happy to find solutions in constructive discussions that match our ideas based on the wealth of experience available to us.

Performance of the Vehicles

We insist on significant performance by means of the transport we acquire. As an example, we were able to load a Moetefindt trailer product name FTK 235, with 1.5 times the weight factor of the permissible payload, without the trailer having fatigue.


Here we carried out tests, in which significantly heavier weights were loaded over a distance of 1,500 km. We had the corresponding weld seams checked separately according to DIN EN ISO 17640, before and after.


This security reserve is our pledge to transport your vehicles and goods, safely to the destination of your choosing. 


Transport in Wind and Undesirable Weather

Our drivers are trained to move trailers in snow and on ice. In particular, with severe snow drifts and side winds, we manage considerable freezing degrees. ​


During unforeseen times, when it is advisable to stay at home, FROPEX can continue to transport the freight of our customers to the appropriate destinations.


We see ourselves able to cope with up to 25cm snow on motorways with the winter equipment available to us without further problems.

Weather Suitability and Protection from External Conditions

Our closed vehicle transporters ensure that neither splashed water nor harmful salt water can reach the vehicles we transport. ​


Vehicles can therefore be transported and prepared in any weather conditions, and arrive at the recipient in the same condition as previously loaded at the sender location.


In the Event of a Case that Doesn't Exist

The FROPEX team is also equipped with towing and recovery technology should an electric car or sports car be recovered from locations that cannot be reached with crane systems.

Recovery Operations with Closed Trailers

In the event that your vehicle breaks down and cannot be started, the brakes lock up or the transmission cannot be placed in neutral, your vehicle can be closed and transported safely.


Specialty Trailers

In the Fropex fleet, we own vehicles that have special bodies for out of the norm transport. This means we can also load from the side and move extremely flat vehicles such as racing vehicles or prototypes into the trailer without damaging the front lip or rear apron. ​


We are currently looking to add new safety trailers specifically for the transport of electric cars.

Location and Security Monitoring

The entire fleet is constantly monitored via GPS, camera and, in some vehicles a temperature sensor.


​This is controlled at our headquarters in Berlin-Mitte consisting of a monitor room with 14 x Samsung MD230 monitor systems. All vehicles in Europe are summarized in real time on this system. ​


Communication with the drivers is guaranteed via various systems, which ensure reliability even in an emergency.

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